Contemporary jewellery collections with a seaside or Celtic twist. 
Browse our collections of fine Sterling Silver jewellery, Cornish Bronze, Cornish Tin jewellery and handmade Cornish pewter jewellery.
We offer a free bespoke design service for Cornish handmade jewellery, including wedding rings, engagement rings, lockets, remodelling and other custom jewellery commissions.

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  • Personally selected earrings in Sterling Silver, Gold, Cornish Tin and Cornish Bronze.  We have earrings in a range of styles; heart earrings, naturally inspired earrings, Celtic and vintage inspired earrings.

    New designs for Spring Summer 2015

    Personally selected pendants and necklaces in Sterling Silver, Gold, Cornish Tin and Cornish Bronze.  We have necklaces in a range of styles; heart pendants, naturally inspired necklaces, Celtic and vintage inspired necklaces and pendants.

    Cornish tin  and diamond designs, ideal for 10th Anniversaries, with recycled shipwreck tin.

    Bracelets and Bangles in Cornish Bronze, Cornish Tin, Sterling Silver and Gold.

    Celtic Cross pendants in Sterling Silver, Cornish Bronze and Cornish Tin. 

    Rings in Sterling Silver and Gold. 
    We specialise in exclusive ring commissions, for your Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary or special gift, in Silver, Gold, White Gold or  Platinum;  plain, set with stones, or inlaid with Cornish Tin or Gold.
    Please contact us for a free design consultation.

    Beautiful Enamel earrings, by St Justin and Fine Enamels.